Thursday 30 August 2018

Tips For A Low Maintenance Garden

When it comes to maintaining a garden, I am certainly not the first person that anyone would come running to for advice; I am most definitely the least green fingered person ever. I just can’t seem to keep plants alive and there are way too many creepy crawlies lurking in the bushes for my liking.
If you are anything like me then this post should definitely help; there is nothing better than a low maintenance garden (in my opinion at least!).

First off – grass. You either love it or you hate it. Personally I am a grass hater – it is way too much of an upkeep. But on the other hand, I love the look of it, especially in the summer. Grass is also perfect in the summer picnics and provides soft landings for little ones during playtime. If you also aren’t fond of grass, then I would highly recommend artificial grass – it is the perfect alternative!

The main advantage to artificial grass has to be the minimum upkeep; no longer will you need to spend precious hours mowing your lawn – this reason alone is perfect for older people who have difficulties in maintaining their lawn.

Artificial grass is also great for the environment. With all of the warm weather we have experienced recently, there is no need for unnecessary water usage to keep our lawns alive. There’s also no carbon emissions from petrol lawn mowers and no need for fertilisers.

However if you do fancy some real green in your garden, then ensure to keep your plants similar and be selective in the ones that you choose. Some plants require a lot of upkeep; if you select a few low maintenance plants then this is perfect.

Also, when it comes to planting your chosen shrubs, I would definitely recommend to use either plant pots or hanging baskets rather than flower beds; again they are much less upkeep and flower beds tend to attract cats from far and wide to use as their own personal litter tray.

Aside from grass, hedges can also be a huge upkeep and take up a lot of time. Endless strimming and shaping is not something that I fancy doing. If you are able to, switch them up for fences instead. These don’t have to be boring brown wood either; we recently added a new fence to our garden and painted it a lovely contemporary grey colour. Once we added some fairy lights, hanging baskets and a fairy garden in the corner for the girls, it looked amazing and anything but boring!

I would love to hear any of your top tips to a keeping a garden low maintenance!

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