Thursday, 3 January 2019

2018 - My Year in Review

I'm going to start this post the same way in which I started my 2017 Reflection post; how quick has this year gone?!
So much has happened in 2018 that I don't quite know where to begin.

New Year, New Phone? iPhone X Review

I have pretty much been an iPhone person for the better part of a decade; almost ten years ago I traded in my Blackberry for an iPhone 3G and that was that, there was no going back.
You can only imagine my excitement when I was recently asked by Three if I would like to review the new iPhone X - I jumped at the chance straight away. I had only just upgraded to an iPhone 8 so wanted to see how it compared. When it comes to phones, I like something that is easy to use, good battery life and a good camera, so I was intrigued with the iPhone X.

The main thing for me; camera quality. The iPhone X camera quality is insane. I fell in love with the portrait mode and wish I had chosen an iPhone model with this feature for my most recent upgrade. One of my favourite photos taken with the camera is of Aoife in the pumpkin field; that alone shows how much detail the camera picks up and looking at it, you would never guess that the photo was taken on a phone.
 The iPhone X is almost all screen; for me this has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, who doesn't want a bigger screen? Much easier to navigate etc. However, I did miss the home button. Alot. Another thing for me which was minor, was the fact that if I set an alarm for the next morning, the alarm clock icon doesn't show like other versions. I found myself constantly checking my alarm settings to reassure myself.
The Face ID option is amazing and I felt like I was a spy in a movie, although I did find that Touch ID works faster.
You also are given the option for wireless charging too; it does cost a bit extra but it is much less hassle especially if you forget to bring your charging cable with you.
Along with the iPhone X we were sent a Tech21 clear phone case too; these cases have been tested rigorously to make sure that they can withstand two metre drops. This was music to my ears as I am awful for dropping my phone or having it fall out of my pocket.
So, would I opt to upgrade my contract to an iPhone X? Yes, but I have just renewed my contract so it looks like it will have to wait another year or two.

*Disclaimer* I was sent the iPhone X and Tech21 case in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Saturday, 8 December 2018

Tearing Up The Rulebook This Christmas

The 25th is around the corner and that means one thing; Christmas traditions! Get ready to break out the jumpers and the eggnog because you do it every year. This year though, you want to try something new. After all, it's hard to break the suspicion that the novelty has worn thin and is taking away from the festive experience. Hopefully, something new and unpredictable will give Christmas its edge back so that you can enjoy it in an entirely new way. 

Monday, 3 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide For All

Yes, it's that time of year again! It's Christmas time! This year I decided to be a bit more organised and can safely say that I have finished approximately 90% of my shopping.
However, if you are not as organised or just need a few last minute ideas, I hope that this guide can help you.