Sunday 21 January 2018

Surrogacy Sunday | Expenses

As mentioned previously, here in the UK it is illegal for a surrogate to be paid to carry a child for someone else. However, the surrogates expenses legally do have to be covered, provided that no profit is being made by the surrogate.

Some people may think that it doesn't cost to be pregnant as surely, the only thing that is different is that you are carrying a baby?
In actual fact, pregnancy can cost quite a lot; pregnancy vitamins, fuel to get to and from hospital and midwife appointments, parking, maternity clothes, time off work due to sickness etc. Pre and post natal expenses can also add up with trips back and forth to the clinic, pre natal vitamins, childcare, hospital bags, time off work after the birth, loss of earnings from the surrogates partner after the birth and more.

From my own research,the following are reasonable to be covered as expenses:
Pre Pregnancy
Prenatal vitamins
Fuel to and from clinics and hotels
Hotel stays if required due to clinic location
Parking at clinics and hotels
Wear and tear to car if driving
Cost of public transport if not driving
Meals if having to stay overnight for clinic appointments
Childcare costs for appointments
Counselling sessions
Time off work for surrogate, even if they are using holiday as normally they wouldn't use it
Life insurance and Will
Ovulation and Pregnancy tests
During Pregnancy
Pregnancy vitamins, anti acid tables, paracetamol
Fuel, parking, travel costs for hospital and midwife appointments
Time off work due to pregnancy sickness and/or illness
Childcare costs
Any loss of earnings for surrogate through pregnancy sickness and/or illness
Gardener/cleaner if surrogate is too ill to do themselves
Utilities e.g. water for extra baths
Food e.g. cravings, decaff items etc
Pregnancy bands, pregnancy pillow
Maternity clothing
Pet care if needed
Post Pregnancy
Hospital bag items
Maternity pads
Loss of earnings for surrogate and their carer
Childcare if needed
Recuperation break if needed

Typically, expenses are paid in ten per cent installments for ten months from a positive pregnancy test, although some agencies may do this differently. This does not include any pre pregnancy expenses of which should be paid before a positive test and, in some instances, before medication is taken, such as life insurance and wills.
On average, a surrogates expenses can range from £7,000 to £15,000 but every situation is different and expenses should always be discussed before an agreement takes place.

I hope that this information has helped answer any questions on surrogacy expenses and that people can see that surrogates do not profit from this within the UK.


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