Saturday 18 August 2018

Florrie | On Your First Birthday

 A year ago today I was one day overdue and severely fed up - it was the longest I had ever been pregnant for as your sister had turned up two days early. I'd had symptoms of early labour the day before on your due date - a show and back aches. All of which died off as soon as I rang the hospital of course.

A day overdue, I took myself for a walk with your sister and a friend around a local retail park, praying that it would start something off. That night I still had slight pains, but nothing for me to get excited about.
Two days overdue I went for a sweep and that was that. Considering you were two days overdue you certainly had no patience when it came to entering this world and making your appearance; you very nearly arrived in the car on the motorway. This lack of patience has certainly lasted over the last year and your fiery personality matches your bright red hair.
 The last year has certainly gone by in blur; you were not the easiest baby by any means. We co slept and I baby wore which seemed to result in you only ever wanting me and as soon as you left my arms you would become hysterical until I held you again. A year on and you have become more independent and will happily go to other people now, but you still relish in a mummy cuddle and love sleeping cuddled up close to me. 
You still wake in the nights constantly and I think you have only ever slept through twice since you arrived; the complete opposite to your sister who loves her sleep! I know it doesn't last forever and I must admit that I will miss the nights when I bring you in with me and you give a little sigh as you snuggle into my arm.
If I had to describe you in three words it would be fiery, loud, and crazy. You arrived with bright red hair and it has gone brighter ever since. Your temper is out of this world at times and you are most certainly the biggest diva of the family. 
Your bond with your big sister is amazing. This was the main thing that always worried me as when you first came along, Aoife didn't take to you too well. But over time, and especially now that you are crawling, you have become best friends and it's amazing to see. Although there are times where you get on each others nerves and I see you sneak up behind her to pull her hair when she won't let you play with her toys. 
You've started to take your first steps over the last few days and I can't quite believe that you are no longer our baby, but our little toddler. I don't think I will ever be ready to let myself call you that as you will always be the baby of the family.
Thank you for being your fiesty, red head self; it has been a crazy and eventful year with you, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I hope that you have an amazing birthday my darling girl!


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