Wednesday 5 September 2018

You're Going To School!

When that 7lb 15oz screaming bundle was first placed into my arms, I never thought that we would be at this stage so soon. Three and a half years seemed like decades away, yet here were are; your first day of school is done and dusted.
You've been attending nursery since you were five months old and from the age of two and a half you were attending four days a week, so I should have been fine but I wasn't. I think that I was more nervous than you; you were about to enter a world which spoke a foreign language - one of which both you and I didn't know. Only time will tell if a Welsh medium school was the best choice for you, but I am confident in your abilities to grasp new things and give them your best shot.

Despite my nerves for the next few years, I am so excited to see what type of person you will turn into academically. Will you have a passion for reading and writing like I did? Or will you head in a completely different direction; one of which will take us all by surprise?
How will you cope with speaking a different language whilst there? Granted you are young enough to be able to pick things up quite quickly and the majority of your peers will be in the same position as you. Despite this, my brain still wonders if this was the right choice or not?

Making friends is also something that worries me for you. I was painfully shy as a child and am still doing my best to work on my own issues with social anxiety. I can't even bear to think of you standing on the sidelines watching the other children play, too nervous to join in. Realistically, I know full well that you are sociable and will make lots of new friends, but my own insecurities creep up. You definitely get your sociable side from your dad as it certainly wasn't from me.

You won't be going full time until April and I'm not sure what I will do then; whilst I will enjoy the time to get things done, you are my shadow and I know I will be itching for the 3pm pick up, ready to listen to your stories about what you learnt that day and what you and your friends did.

Your first day was today and you were so excited to put on your uniform - when the doors opened you ran inside without so much as a glance back at me. Just a "bye Mummy" was enough; I wasn't sure whether to be glad that there wasn't an emotional breakdown or sad that you seemed to not worry about anything. When I picked you up you were so happy to tell me that your teachers were lovely and you were drawing and painting.

I know that school will be the making of you Aoife - you will go on to do some amazing things with that brain and sunny personality. I can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for you.

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