Thursday 17 May 2018

My Surrogacy Journey | An Update

This is a post that I have debated publishing; not because I feel that the subject of surrogacy needs to be hidden or that it's something to be ashamed about. I actually feel quite the opposite - I want to shout it from the rooftops as it is something that I have been so passionate about over the last fifteen years.

What has stopped me from publishing before now is one thing - society; the trolls and the fake friends. Surrogacy has been in the forefront of the media a lot more recently and hasn't been portrayed in the best of lights. Thankfully the negative cases that make the press are rare, but still devastating to all involved.

Back in April 2017 I published a blog post outlining my plans to become a surrogate - to date this is still my most viewed post. Over the last year things have been crazy; we have welcomed our youngest daughter who has now completed our family. Not long after we put the wheels into motion for the surrogacy.

I can now finally say that our first cycle of fertility treatment was a success and I am now in my second trimester with a surrogate baby on board! Whilst it hasn't been plain sailing (this will be discussed in another post), we are now at the point where the dating scan has been done and my IPs can finally look forward to something that they have longed for for years.

This announcement was made to friends and family over a week ago and I have truly been overwhelmed with the positive responses; people I haven't spoken to for years have contacted me to discuss surrogacy further which is amazing. However there have been some friends who haven't acknowledged the news, which initially surprised me. Now, looking at it with a fresh mind, I'm not surprised at all. Surrogacy and pregnancy in general is not for everyone and that's fine; my main concern is ensuring that I am surrounding myself with positive and supportive people.

So there you have it, my journey into surrogacy has begun and I can't wait to document it to help other potential surrogates or to just purely educate people on the topic.



  1. I love you and I've never been prouder! Love Meems Xxxx

  2. You are doing such an amazing thing. So much admiration for you for doing this. I’m sorry to hear some people aren’t being supportive though. X

  3. What an incredible thing you are doing for another family. I'm so pleased that so many people have reacted positively - once again, there will always be people who believe saying nothing is the right answer. x

  4. How wonderful and kind and amazing xx

  5. Aww! That is great news. What a fantastic and kind thing you are doing for another family. It's a sad shame that some people are not being supportive. x

  6. Lovely announcement photo! What a lovely, kind thing to do. Hope it all goes well xxx