Tuesday 18 August 2020

Florrie | On Your Third Birthday

Three years. Three whole years of you, my little whirlwind. I say it every year but this has gone so fast. You spent most of your third year of your life in lockdown, but you have thrived so much. 

I have been lucky enough to make up for lost time with you and your sister over the last few months and I have watched you grow from a toddler to a little girl...  a fierce one at that. 

Your caring personality has shone through this last year, along with your quirky side. I love catching you singing a tune to yourself or shaking your bum whilst running about the place. I also love the fact that whenever I ask for a kiss you pucker up and always have to follow it up with a cuddle.

Your speech has come on amazingly since you started nursery last year just after you turned two. I initially panicked when lockdown began and your nursery closed; what if your progress stalled? Thankfully I didn't need to worry as you don't seem to stop talking now.

 Co-sleeping is now only a rare occasion and you have finally started sleeping through the night - I never thought the day would come, but it has. Although I do miss the snuggles, a lot.

Now that you are three you will be heading to school in a few weeks; your uniform has been ordered and you have your new school bag all set. You may be ready, but I don't think I ever will be. My last born is no longer a baby and it has hit me like a tonne of bricks. I know that you will excel in everything you do this year with that cheeky smile of yours.

 I love you darling girl - I hope you have an amazing birthday x


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