Wednesday 1 April 2020

Aoife | On Your Fifth Birthday

Where on earth have the last five years gone? Five whole years of being your Mummy, five whole years of watching you grow from a squishy newborn to a beautiful, spirited little girl - I have loved every minute of it. As I sit here to write this, I can feel my stomach going at the thought that my baby girl has grown so quickly.
This year will be the first year that I won't be with you for most of your birthday and I am so sorry darling. I know that you will have a fantastic day, despite not being able to see your friends or go anywhere fun due to the lockdown.
The last year you have just flourished and turned into a little lady in front of my eyes. You have become an even more caring, helpful big sister than I ever thought possible, and you are always the first one to offer to help Florrie. 
When it comes to school you have excelled since starting in Derbyn and I couldn't be more proud of you if I tried. You're a caring friend and an amazing little student; you love maths and colouring.
Your birthday this year will be quite a bit different and I feel terrible about it, despite it being out of our control. Your birthday party has been rearranged to August to, hopefully, have a joint one with your sister, the fun plans we had have been cancelled, you won't be able to spend the day with your friends, and family won't get to see you. But I promise you that when all of this is over we will celebrate even more than what we would have.  
Despite being a sassy little girl, you will always be my squishy baby; my baby who made the funniest laughing sounds, who slept like a dream, who would stare at me with her big blue eyes and smile back at me. Although you are always keen to remind me that you are "a big girl now, not a baby!"
You love having stories read to you, especially ones about fairies and mermaids; your favourite book is the personalised Fairy book that you had, and you love pointing out that your name is in it. 
Your imagination is incredible and I often find you putting on performances in your bedroom with your sister; Frozen songs are currently your speciality!
You are such a sensitive little girl, but over the last year, you have surprised me. When needs must, you can be vicious and protective, like a mother bear and her cubs. I have witnessed on a few occasions where you have shouted at other children who have been picking on Florrie and taken her away, under your wing. Seeing it makes me so so proud to be your Mummy. 
I hope that you have a fantastic day darling girl - I can't wait to squeeze you tight and celebrate in style when all this craziness is over!


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