Saturday 28 March 2020

The Best Organic Lipstick For Me

Why I Gave Up Synthetic Lipstick
I used to use generic, non-organic lipstick because it was easy to find and I had no idea anything else existed. While it worked, generic lipstick made my lips hurt and gave off an unnatural texture and appearance.

At first, I thought it was just the brand. After approximately one hour (sometimes less) I found my lips to be a waxy texture. If I smiled too big, they could actually hurt. I also noticed that even if I applied a small amount of non-organic lipstick at home, the color seemed off once I stepped outside. I use organic lipstick because it both feels and looks more natural.

What Is Organic Lipstick?

Organic lipstick is created from natural ingredients. If you do not enjoy the plastic feel of regular lipstick, organic lipstick is a fantastic alternative. Most natural lipsticks include real plants and fruit as well as herbal extracts. By not using artificial coloring, the appearance is flattering for many more women.

Organic lipsticks often include vitamins as well as antioxidants. These can actually help hydrate lips so that they can not only avoid damage but boost their natural texture. This is a particularly good choice if you have sensitive lips that can chap easily. With regular lipstick, I was always worried about cracking my lips in public.

Types of Organic Lipstick
There are several different types of organic lipstick to choose from. While they all work well for softening sensitive lips, deciding which is right for you is a personal preference.

The top 3 types of organic lipsticks include vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

1.) Vegan lipstick. Vegan lipstick does not include specific animal ingredients. Colorants that are frequently made from insects are not added to any of these lipstick colors. This doesn’t mean each stick isn’t a vibrant shade, it just means the dye is made from other substances.

2.) Gluten-free lipstick. Gluten-free lipstick is perfect for those who may have Celiac disease. Those who can experience an allergic reaction to gluten can be triggered by non-gluten-free lipsticks.

3.) Cruelty-free lipstick. Cruelty-free lipstick does not test their products on animals. For an ethical way to wear cosmetics without harming any animals in the process, cruelty-free brands are important to know. Buying from organic makeup companies that promote animal-friendly lipstick are in line with many people’s sense of ethical responsibility.

Regardless of what type of organic lipstick is chosen, they all have similar benefits. Using this kind of cosmetic can help moisturize and hydrate so that sensitive lips remain soft instead of stiff or hard. They can also add nutrients to the lips to make them look healthier as well as more vibrant.

How Difficult Is It To Find Organic Lipstick?
Surprisingly, organic lipstick is a relatively easy beauty product to find. Many grocery stores now sell organic lipstick in a variety of tints and sticks. Since many organic lipsticks are also animal and eco-friendly, their popularity has soared in recent years. For an array of organic lipsticks available in today’s market, you do not have to look far. Their presence is now known around the country as an affordable way to keep lips soft and colorful.

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