Wednesday 3 June 2020

The Real Must-See Sights Of London

Anyone who wants to have a great time travelling with their family will want to visit London at some point or another. If you have never been before, then you might find yourself feeling a little bewildered by which parts of the city you might want to see most of all, or you might want to try and plan for something a little out of the way. That being said, it’s also valuable to ensure that you are going to see the must-see sights at some point or another, at least so you can say you have seen them. So what are those? In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the must-see sights of London which you should not overlook.

London Eye
Essentially of course, this is a way of seeing the city as a whole, and for that reason it has to be the top of the list. If you have never been on the London Eye before, then you are in for a treat. It is a wonderful way to see the city’s skyline and its outskirts, and it often acts as a great means of seeing just how sprawling and vast London really is. If you are keen on going on the London Eye, you should bear in mind that there are often queues, but they tend to go down quickly. You will need to get a ticket before you queue - either online or at one of the booths which are slightly removed from the Eye itself. Beware of ticket touts trying to scam you. If you want to make this all easier, stay somewhere local like the Dorsett Hotel, City, so you can just walk over there on the day.

The Crown Jewels

For anyone with even the slightest interest in royal history, seeing the crown jewels is going to be a top thing indeed. These are an amazing sight, and they really are one of those bucket list things that you will want to consider. When you go, prepare to be standing on a travelator that goes around the room, and not being allowed to move - as you might expect, the security around the jewels is extremely high, so they are always very strict about how much you move and so on. However, it’s a wonderful experience, and it’s something that you are going to want to do if you have never done so yet, or if you want to take your kids.

Houses Of Parliament

The seat of parliament itself, and the oldest parliament in the world that is still in operation, is one of London’s more fascinating sights. If you go in the summer during the parliament’s recess, you can take a full tour of the houses, including being allowed to view the actual chamber where the Prime Minister and the rest of the parliament sit. This is a fantastic sight, and you will learn a lot along the way from the guide, too.

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