Wednesday 4 September 2019

Your First Day

Today was your first day in your new nursery, the nursery you will now be going to five days a week. I'm not sure why I felt nervous about it; I still do. You have been going to nursery before now, but only for one day a week. Now you will be going every day, two of those days being full school hours.

Before the summer we enjoyed our days together when Aoife was at school; we would head to the park, soft play, the wetlands, just me and you. I loved our time together where you didn't have to compete for my attention with your sister. I was never too sure if I did want this for you, especially five days a week. But deep down, I know that it's for the best.
Your speech is slowly improving, but I know that being around other children your own age will help you along your way with it. You have just turned two so will be one of the youngest in the class, but I hope that this will be a benefit to you rather than a hindrance. 
The one thing I know that I do not have to worry about is the people who will be caring for you. Aoife went to the same nursery before she started school and absolutely loved the staff. Thankfully, the same staff members are there and have been looking forward to seeing how much you have grown and changed from a little baby to a boisterous toddler in the last year.
I feel guilty for you being there every day, even if it is just for a few hours at a time. More so this week, as I am not working and have yet to start uni. I feel as though I will be judged, that I should be spending every moment I can with you and your sister before next week and all the hard work begins. But a small part of me wants to be selfish this week; to ensure that the house is clean and tidy, to do a deep clean, to catch up with friends, and to complete a lot of admin that has been piling up.
I know that you are already enjoying your time there; you didn't even notice when I left you there today, which is something that never happened in your old nursery - you always clung to me as if you were begging me not to leave you.
I know this will do you the world of good darling girl; your shell will break and you will become even more ferocious and daring than you already are. You are still my baby and always will be. I hope that you have a fantastic time in your new surroundings and making new friends.


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