Sunday 18 August 2019

Florrie | On Your Second Birthday

I still can't quite believe that two whole years have passed since you entered this world at lightening speed; in the two years since then, you haven't slowed down at all. This last year we have enjoyed a lot more one on one time than we usually would have due to me taking an extended maternity leave.
This time together has given me more of an insight into your developing personality and it has surprised me.

During your first year I was adamant that you would grow to be fiery and fiesty, which you are, but your caring nature and funny personality has overshadowed this. You still have your meltdowns, but you come out of them a lot quicker than your sister! 
You absolutely love your big sister and you are always the first one to show it by giving her hugs and trying to kiss her, despite her protests. The attentiveness and care you show to all your dolls as you tuck them up into their bed or give them their milk makes me think that, finally, your true personality is shining through after a rough first year.
Looking back at your first birthday post, I can confirm that we still co sleep most of the time as yes, you still don't like to sleep. We also toddler wear at times, where we know we can't quite trust you to walk by yourself without having a tantrum.
Compared to your first birthday where you had no teeth, you now finally have a good set of eleven teeth; something of which I worried about for a while until that first tooth cut through when you were fifteen months old. Your eating has also drastically improved since then too and your speech is slowly getting there. Your red hair is getting even more wild and fiery, just like your personality, and it is uncontrollable at times, also just like you.
You are obsessed with Baby Shark, and every morning you wake me up with a big toothy grin and a request of "Shark?"... usually before 6am. You still enjoy the sleepy snuggles where you push your whole body into my arms and curl up, sometimes peacefully and sometimes not.
I am back to work now but will be finishing next week and will be able to enjoy some time with you and your sister before I start uni. Once I start you will be heading to a new nursery where you will go every day. We went to visit last month and it was the first time I had ever seen you willingly run off and play without even so much as looking back to check that I was there. The way in which your confidence has grown over the last year is outstanding and I am so proud of how far you have come.
The next year will be a huge change for both you and your sister, but I know that you will sail through it and that it will be worth it; I am excited to see how much you grow again into the cheeky, funny little girl that we all know. 
I hope that you have a lovely birthday; it's hard to believe that in a years time you will be three!


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