Monday 12 August 2019

AD| Sandpit DIY Fun with Big Game Hunters

The sandy beaches of Wales have always been one of my favourite places; unfortunately for me, Florrie isn't too fond of having sand at her feet and will scream as though the world is ending whenever she is placed on a beach.
I had pondered over getting a sand pit for a while now; I figured it would be a great way to get Florrie used to dealing with sand and would also keep them busy in the summer months when it would be too hot to visit the beach (Florrie is a bright red head, so shade is always a must!). Big Game Hunters have a huge selection of sandpits and when they contacted us to see if we would be interested in reviewing and customising one, I jumped at the chance. We chose their Picnic Table Sandpit as it is multi-functional and would be fantastic for the girls and their friends to use for eating in the summer evenings.
Delivery of the sandpit was very quick and putting it together was relatively easy, although if I am being honest, my husband put it all together, not me! We decided to hide it from the girls once it was built up, as I was still awaiting my order of sand from Wilkos to arrive.
I had browsed Pinterest to gain some inspiration on how I could jazz the sandpit up; if you want to know what I decided to do with it, just keep reading. I am a complete novice and not crafty at all, so if I managed to do it, you will be completely fine!
Before we go into the sandpit makeover, let's discuss the actual sandpit. As mentioned, assembly was straight forward and the sand pit can hold a decent amount of sand; we used 20kg to get this amount of sand which is a good amount, although I may top it up with another 10kg.

When the girls saw it they absolutely loved it, Aoife in particular. We recently added a trampoline to our garden but that has now been shunned for the sandpit. Thankfully Florrie understands not to put any sand in her mouth! I love the fact that it can be covered up easily and securely too as the top part of the picnic table, or sandpit, can be slotted back on top when it is not in use; this stops the sand from getting wet and also doesn't allow the roaming cats to get into the pit too.
I decided to do something completely out of character for me and give the sandpit a little bit of a makeover. I loved it as it originally was, but I took the opportunity of having a blank canvas at my disposal; plus, I wanted to prove to my husband that I was capable of a bit of DIY!
After browsing online for some makeover ideas, I finally decided on painting and a bit of stencil/spray paint action. Choosing the colour to paint the sandpit was difficult, but I eventually settled with 'Lavender Haze' from Wilko's Exterior paint selection. I got to work on painting the sand pit which was relatively easy given the smooth surface of the wood. I thought that I would have been able to get away with one coat of paint but it was clear the next morning that another one was needed.
Once the second coat of paint was completed and dried, I set about with the stencils. Rather than order stencils online, I created my own star stencils of different sizes. All I did then was stick these to the area that I wanted the stars; I then used a metallic spray paint from PlastiKote to spray over the stencils. This did take a while as I had to take my time to make sure the spray didn't get everywhere; although there were a few sections that needed touching up with a bit of paint. I love the finished product and so do the girls!
If you have a wooden sandpit, why not try this yourself and give it a makeover? If I managed it then you will be fine.

*Disclaimer* - We were sent the Picnic Table Sandpit in exchange for a review; all opinions are honest and my own.

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