Tuesday 13 November 2018

Take The Trauma Out Of Bath Time With These Decor Ideas

Bathtime with kids is the worst time. If you don't set aside at least an hour to the cause, it just won't happen. Your kids will do anything possible to avoid washing. they'll distract you, put it off, and even outright run away. Even if you get hold of them, getting them in the water is like getting a cat in a box. When you do finally get them in the water, it's cold, and noone can be bothered anyway.
In reality, there's no reason why bathtime has to be this traumatic. Wouldn't you love a life in which your kids are more than happy to get in the bath? Or, if that's not possible, wouldn't you at least like to halve the effort required? If you answered yes, then you've come to the right place.
While we can't ensure that your kids start washing without complaint, focusing on your bathroom could help. With a few alterations, you may be able to put an end to the trauma. If that sounds good to you, keep reading to find out how.

Think About Themes
With a theme in your bathroom, you may find your kids come to see this as a fun space to spend time. That should go some way towards taking the trauma out of bathtimes. What's more, you don't have to give up on the idea of a stylish bathroom to achieve this. You could opt for a beach theme, for instance, and invest in ornaments like deck chairs and small boats. You could even invest in net decorations with shells, or antique ladders to add to that 'ship' feel. Not only would all this look fantastic, but it would also be a lot of fun for your youngsters. At the very least, you can bet it'll make them more willing to spend time here.

Welcome Warmth
Nothing's worse than being forced into the bath in a cold bathroom. Even if the warmth of the water makes it bearable, stepping onto a cold floor is horrendous. It's such a terrible feeling that most of us remember it into adulthood. Lucky for you, modern bathroom options mean this doesn't have to be the case. By investing in electric underfloor heating, you can ensure that getting out of the bath is as warm as getting in. With towel heaters you can even heat the room, while making sure those towels are snuggly at drying time. That alone could make bathtime less traumatic.

Make It Fun
Think, too, about bathroom additions which make the space fun. Could you invest in a whirlpool bath which keeps kids happy? Even underwater lighting could do the trick. Equally, fun sink designs could be all it takes. Why not invest in a smart sink which is sure to bring the WOW factor? Or, you could splash out with a toilet that flushes itself. These things could see your kids running into the bathroom without any effort on your part. How amazing would that be?

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