Saturday 7 October 2017

SRI Toys Review

When it comes to children's toys, I love traditional wooden ones which help their imagination thrive and can assist with their learning too.
SRI Toys are a company which specialise in wooden toys of which encourage your child's fine motor skills, social interaction and speech development - these in itself make the toys perfect to be played with others or by themselves with their imagination.
Children's development are something that SRI Toys are extremely passionate about and as a result, the company have created over 2,000 designs since 1989 and have shipped them all over the world.
All of their products are handmade from locally sourced rubber wood, a renewable resource.
The toys that
SRI Toys create are not only beautiful to look at, but also have a lot of educational benefits. A few of these can be found below:
- Hand Eye Co-ordination: SRI Toys come with handy surfaces and chunky shapes which make them easier to grab for younger babies.
- Visual Awareness: The variety of shapes and colours of the toys help to support this.
- School Readiness: Their educational toys help children with their writing, reading and calculating skills.
To see further educational benefits of SRI Toys, please check out their website.
Aoife is coming to an age where she is learning her colours and alphabet; she had recently mastered her numbers, so I was keen to get cracking with her alphabet. SRI Toys very kindly sent us their Alphabet Snake to help us out with this!
I found that the Alphabet Snake can be used as a four in one puzzle; learning the alphabet, colours, counting and hand dexterity by putting the pieces together.
To get Aoife going, we started with colours and counting, both of which she breezed through - next came the alphabet which was a bit more challenging for her as it was a fairly new concept.
Now, after a few weeks, she is confidently singing her ABCs around the house and managing to put the snake together correctly with little help.
If you are like me and love a wooden toy or two, definitely check SRI Toys out!  

*Disclaimer* I was sent the SRI Toys Alphabet Snake in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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