Sunday 29 October 2017

Turtle Bay Swansea Review

When it comes to eating out, I'm pretty easy to please and much prefer a pub lunch over a tiny à la carte meal. However, I am also a creature of habit and don't like to stray too far from certain eateries or foods that I know I like. With that in mind, I was slightly apprehensive when we were invited to review the menu at Turtle Bay which has just recently opened in Swansea. The furthest I tend to go with trying dishes from another country is ordering a Chinese takeaway, so I was slightly nervous with trying out Caribbean cuisine.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it instantly felt like you were in the Caribbean rather than South Wales (minus the heat of course!). The decor was certainly authentic and the vibes were very relaxed and laid back. We turned up slightly early so waited at the bar for our table. Upon reading the drinks menu, it appeared that the cocktails were definitely centered around rum; a Caribbean essential! I have been a fan of rum for a good few years now since visiting Cuba, so I was pleasantly pleased.

We were shown to our table and introduced to our waitress who was lovely; we took our time looking over the menu and trying to decide what to order as everything sounded delicious. For our starters, we decided on the Duck Rolls and the Garlic 'n' Herb Flatbread; the Duck Rolls were stuffed in toasted flatbread with sweet onion, soy sauce, chilli and sour orange chutney. The Garlic 'n' Herb Flatbread came with an added twist of crushed chilli being added to it, which I loved!

When it came to the main course, Marty decided on the Street Shack Burger; this was a burger like no other! Made up of a British beef burger, spicy pull pork, pork rind, lettuce, red onion chutney and mayo, it looked amazing! Alongside the burger was a portion of spicy fries too.
I was having trouble choosing what to have for my main course as I am rather indecisive. After speaking to a member of staff about what they would recommend, I decided to go with the Mo' Bay Chicken and I am so glad that I did! A marinated chicken breast was cooked in an amazing spiced creamy jerk sauce; something of which I am desperate for the recipe for! I was given the option of fries or coconut rice and peas; I decided to go with the spicy fries which I loved but wish I had tried out the rice now.
By this point I was getting way too full and didn't know how on earth I would handle a dessert. Marty instantly knew what he wanted as soon as he saw the menu - Banana and Toffee Cheesecake. I'm not a huge toffee fan but from what I gathered, it was given the big thumbs up and a ten out of ten. I decided on the Dark Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the portion, not because I didn't like it, as it was beautiful, but because I was so full from the other courses. 

Drinks wise, I tried out the Strawberry Daiquiri which was amazing! It was my first alcoholic drink in over a year and it was definitely worth the wait. As Marty was working the next morning, he was the designated driver for the evening, so he was on the Vitaliser; a blend of fresh carrots, mango, ginger and orange juice which he loved.
Overall, we were very impressed with Turtle Bay; from the decor, the friendly staff and the food, it is definitely well worth a visit. Prices are reasonable and they also offer a 241 deal at certain times during the week too which is great! We will definitely be returning soon!
If you want to take a look at their menu, check out their website

*Disclaimer* We were offered a free meal and drinks at Turtle Bay in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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