Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Then there were four?

This is not a pregnancy announcement, I repeat, this is not a pregnancy announcement. I most certainly do not have a bun in the oven. But I will admit that I cannot wait for a second baby. Despite a few horrible weeks during my pregnancy; horrific back pain and heartburn so bad that I was throwing up most nights (and no, the old wives tale isn't true - my daughter was born bald and over a year later she is still waiting on hair!), I cannot wait to have a bump again. I certainly didn't appreciate being pregnant the first time round and I do regret that.

Not long after Aoife was born, I started getting questioned..

"When is she getting a brother or sister?"
"You aren't planning on leaving her as an only child are you?"

At the time I couldn't think of anything worse than going through all of that again, especially labour. Besides, I was only twenty five giving birth. I was still young and had plenty of time, right?

 It actually only took me a couple of months to forget all of the aches and pains of pregnancy to start nagging my husband for another baby.

No doubt there will be disapproving comments if I were to have two close together. A lot of people do have very opposing views as to what the "perfect" age gap is. I have friends who have eighteen months between their children and others who have fourteen years between them, and guess what? It works well for all of them. I really do not think there is such a thug as the "perfect" age gap - there are always going to be pros and cons whichever way you look at it.

I have always said that I wanted to be done with having children by thirty - not that there is anything wrong with women having babies over this age of course! But it was something that I have always felt. I also always wanted no more than a two and a half year age gap - Aoife turned one a few weeks ago, so if I want to stick to that I only have a few months left before I have another sober nine months!

Three was also the number of children I wanted - two boys and one girl to be specific. I always wanted boys first to look after their little sister blah blah, but Aoife came along first so that one is out of the window. As silly as it sounds, every psychic I have been to see has told me I would have three children. But then again, they did also say that I wouldn't have any of them until I hit my thirties so I can't really count them as a very reliable source. Recently three has turned into two - I just like even numbers. Three children means a bigger house, bigger car, awkward family holidays as holiday firms usually cater for two adults and two children and so forth. However this could always change. One day, a few years from now, there could be three, or four. Maybe even five.

The bottom line is that I am broody. I can't wait for Tuesday nights as that is One Born Every Minute night. I cry like an idiot. I never used to do that.

What is everyone else's views on the "perfect" age gap?



  1. My girls have around 3 and half years between them and I always wanted the same age gap again but it just wasn't meant to be and now my youngest is 4 coming up 5 in July, I feel now would perfect for us to have another :) I think suitable age gaps definitely vary for each family, I personally don't want an age gap any bigger than 5 if I can and would also like to have no more once I'm 30 x

    1. Should have re-read this before posting as I certainly will be having an age gap of 5 years I don't see a baby arriving before July some how lol, So it should say any bigger than 6/7 for me :) x

  2. Aw that's lovely! With the girls how was the eldest when the little one came along? That's the main thing I'm worried about that there may be jealousy if they're young?