Monday 4 April 2016


The number one. Such a small number, yet in the right context is such a significant and important one.
This weekend the number one marked, for me, one whole year of parenthood. One whole year where I managed to keep my daughter alive and away from harm. I also managed a whole year of not pulling my hair out! Although I will admit it got pulled out a few times by my little cherub!
For her birthday, we took her and one of her baby friends to Folly Farm - they loved being pushed around looking at the goats, lambs, lions and everything else it had to offer. The adults also enjoyed the bumper cars and go karts!
Over the weekend she was also baptised. Religion is a very touchy and controversial subject for me as I am a complete atheist - however I married a Catholic, so off she went to be baptised. The priest even blessed me; he could probably sense my sins! The only thing I could sense was the steam rising off me ha!

All in all, it was a lovely weekend which was made even better by the care and generosity of our family and friends.
So that's one year down, another 17 to go until legally she doesn't have to listen to me!

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