Monday 15 February 2016

Here we go again.

Life has somewhat taken over again ... and again I apologise.

I miss writing; pouring my thoughts into written form. But, quite frankly, I don't have the time anymore. With an almost 11 month old who has mastered the art of crawling and is very close to walking unaided, blogging is the last thing on my to do list which in itself is a shame.

My intention was to document my pregnancy and my little girl's firsts with this blog and a part of me is very disappointed in myself that I now have nothing to look back on. However, if I spent all my time writing about what she was doing, I would then miss out on all the new things that she is experiencing.

In the matter of months she has gained her own little personality and it seems as though she is definitely taking after me when it comes to her temper... her tantrums can be top notch, but she soon turns back into the charming little 10 and a half month old I've grown to love with all my heart.

I have now been off work for a whole year.. I still have a few weeks left before I start back work in April and in all honesty, a part of me can't wait for the routine and being around other adults. 

A lot has gone on the last few months; baby's first Christmas, illnesses (Hand, foot and mouth for the little one, Strep throat and Scarlet Fever for myself), our wedding party and meeting up for the first time with some now lifelong friends.

I plan on making a late new years resolution and start being more frequent here.. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but I used to love writing and I want to find that part of me again.

Until next time.. x


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