Tuesday 27 October 2020

Menstrual Cups | My Experience

  I won't lie, this is not something I ever thought I would be discussing on my blog, but here we are. I was inspired by my friend Sarah's post on period pants for this one - thank you Sarah! I figured a bit of a background would be the best way to kick start this journey into menstrual cups. 

When I started my periods at age 12, all I ever used were sanitary towels; tampons just didn't seem to be the "done" thing back then. For years this would be all that I would use, probably up until my early twenties, so a good ten years. Very rarely I would use tampons as I was too petrified of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Eventually I bit the bullet and moved to tampons; they were more discreet and more comfortable.

Over the last couple of years, I have been researching different menstrual products that will save me money and will be better for the environment; reusable pads, period underwear and menstrual cups were all suggested and I was intrigued, particularly by menstrual cups. A few people I knew had already been using them for a while and absolutely raved about them. My cousin very kindly gifted me a Tulip cup to test out (not used might I add - I am all for caring is sharing but not that far ha!), but it took me a good few months to pluck up the courage to test it out. 

I found the Tulip cup very trial and error; I attempted multiple different folds to insert it and finally found one that worked after what felt like 100 attempts. Hurray you may think... not quite. The next morning I went to remove it and wasn't able to. Visions flashed before my eyes of me having to attend A&E to have it removed - I was a bit of a princess that first time I will admit. I messaged my friends who gave me some tips and finally I got it out! I kept attempting it over the next couple of months but just couldn't quite get to grips with inserting it correctly as it just didn't seem to 'pop' once inserted, which resulted in leaks. I figured that this cup just didn't suit me and wasn't sturdy enough, so I ordered a TOTM cup instead; it has been a game changer for me. For my first cycle I was prepared to have to attempt different folds etc for it to fit correctly but nope! I figured it may be a fluke, but after 4 months of using my TOTM cup, I have had absolutely no issues at all. 

 My main fear was being on my period at work as the shifts are long with little chance of a proper break, especially when it's busy. I have had absolutely no issues with my cup at all. Sometimes I will wear period pands (mine are from Tulip Panties) as well as my cup for extra peace of mind, particularly during the first couple of days of my cycle.

I understand that menstrual cups are not for everyone - they weren't for me up until recently. If they aren't your thing, then I definitely advise checking out period pants or even reusable sanitary towels, I ordered a couple from Etsy recently and always have one in my bag just incase.

Menstrual Cup Tips

  • Read the instructions that come with the cup. Sterilise it before use.
  • Relax - the cup will be easier to insert.
  • Wet the cup and get the correct angle.
  • Try different folding methods.
  • Once the cup is inserted, remove your fingers and let it open up.
  • Wait for the 'pop' - this will indicate that it is inserted correctly. If unsure, feel around the base of the cup; it should feel round or oval with no folds.
  • If you do notice any folds, then you can rotate the cup by gently gripping the base and turning.
  • The stem should be completely inside of you, but everyone is built differently, so if it is not, then you can trim the stem if it's uncomfortable.
  • You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours!
  • When it comes to removing it, wash your hands and again, relax.
  • Pull slightly on the stem until you reach the base.
  • Give the base of the cup a gentle pinch to break the suction and ease it out.

I hope that this has helped - I would love to hear your experiences with menstrual cups and other reusable sanitary products!



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