Thursday 12 December 2019

How to Transform Your Home into a Cosy Sanctuary this Winter

Are you feeling the chill this winter? Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the weather can leave you longing for the summer to hurry up and arrive. It's time to say goodbye to those daydreams of sunkissed beaches, and instead, embrace the season. 

While hibernating may not be an option (unfortunately!), the next best thing is to transform your home into a cosy haven, where you can enjoy the very best of what winter has to offer.
There's nothing better than coming back from a long, frosty walk to a house that is filled with comfort and warmth. Here's how to transform your home into a warm and wonderful place to be throughout Christmas and beyond:

Add Some Warmth with Accessories
Winter is the perfect season to introduce plenty of texture to your home. Think about introducing some extra cushions to the sofa for added comfort, along with a soft throw that's big enough for snuggling up with the kids to watch some Christmas films. A gorgeous hot water bottle is the ideal way to keep you cosy, and if you are stuck for present ideas, why not buy one as a gift for a loved one this Christmas too? 
If you are someone that struggles to sleep when temperatures drop, you will need to make your bedroom more comfortable to help you nod off during the winter months. Don't forget to swap your summer weight duvet for one with a higher tograting. Along with your hot water bottle and some extra throws, you are sure to stay snuggly throughout the night.

Tasty Treats
Over the winter, the shops are simply packed with delicious goodies to eat and drink. Christmas treats are the perfect indulgence on a chilly day, and an ideal way to warm up.
Baking is an excellent winter activity to enjoy with the kids, and the ideal way to keep them occupied. Why not whip up some gingerbread men or Christmas cookies together, to help you get into the festive spirit? These will be perfect with a mug of hot chocolate and some marshmallows. 
Don't forget to keep your cupboards stocked with tasty treats in case you have unexpected guests pop over too.

Festive Fragrances
Do you love to sniff all of those Christmassy fragranced candles in the shop at this time of year? If so, why not pick some up to make your home smell as cosy as it looks. From warming cinnamon scents to the crispness of minty candy canes, there are plenty of winter fragrances to choose from to treat your senses this Christmas.

Wrap Up Warm
Get yourself comfy at home with some supersoft pyjamas to keep you warm. If you want to make your family look extra cute as well as cosy, you could opt for matching pyjamas for the whole family - the kids will love twinning with you!

To complete your cosy feel, don't forget your slippers to keep the chill off your toes.

*Disclosure - this is a collaborative post*

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