Saturday 8 December 2018

Tearing Up The Rulebook This Christmas

The 25th is around the corner and that means one thing; Christmas traditions! Get ready to break out the jumpers and the eggnog because you do it every year. This year though, you want to try something new. After all, it's hard to break the suspicion that the novelty has worn thin and is taking away from the festive experience. Hopefully, something new and unpredictable will give Christmas its edge back so that you can enjoy it in an entirely new way. 

For those who are looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place. Below are the ways to tear up the rulebook and start new traditions this year.

Don't Cook
You've done it every Christmas for as long as you can remember, and you've never enjoyed it. Sure, the part where everyone is eating and drinking wine and having a good time is incredible, and the food plays a major role. Still, there's no reason for you to slave away for hours on end. Instead, you can go round to someone else's for dinner, or, better yet, book a table at a restaurant. With the latter, there's no need to stress out or clean up. Just arrive, sit down, and enjoy a meal with the rest of the family.
Go on Holiday
One of the main traditions the majority of us keep to is to stay at home for the festive period. It just feels like the right thing to do because it wouldn't be Christmas without bad weather and family arguments. Well, you can still have all of these things and more, simply in a better environment. Going to Lapland is a firm favourite because it's a guaranteed white Christmas, and the kids get to see Santa Claus. But, you can go the other way and choose a beach holiday in a warm location.

Tweak It
If the idea of going to a new extreme doesn't appeal, you can always tweak a current tradition to add a bit of spice. Again, changing the destination of Christmas dinner is a classic. There's also the Elf on the Shelf generator on Rather than putting it in the same place year in, year out, you can use it to get creative. One of them on there is a marriage proposal, which is romantic if your relationship is that sort of area! As long as it's different and creative, the tradition won't seem boring.

MYOP stands for "Make Your Own Presents", which is a novelty in lots of houses. Let's face it - Christmas shopping isn't a walk in the park. If you're not on the ball, all the good gifts are out of stock and you're left with stocking fillers. Plus, there's the energy you have to expend as well as the high levels of stress. Not only does making presents from scratch eliminate these features, but it adds a new connection. Everything you receive is handmade and from the heart, not some corporate gimmick. Also, it lets you plan your list on a budget without splashing the cash.
How do you plan on getting out of your comfort zone this Christmastime?

Disclosure - this is a collaborative post


  1. We are doing a couple of these this year. I am finding it so strange not planning the food shop for Christmas day as we are going out! I'm not going to miss the washing up but might miss having leftovers x

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