Tuesday 12 November 2019

How To Help Your Child Find Their Passion

In this life, we need to have something to look forward to. We need to have goals and reasons to wake up in the morning. Bad days happen, but they’re usually survived because of particular goals that we’re motivated by. Negative times hit us pretty hard, but as long as we see a light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll continue.
What you don’t want to have in life is apathy. You may feel like a terrible, sad time is the worst possible situation, but simply not caring about anything is so much worse. As a flawed and needy human being, you need to have SOMETHING to live for.
This applies even more to children. Kids are so much more emotional, na├»ve, confused, and needy than you and I. If they sit around bored, then they’re not going to be happy at all. That means it’s up to you as the parent to find something that they’ll love. Sure, some of the teachers at school might point them in the right direction, but you’re their primary caregiver!  

Helping your child find something that they’ll love will probably be a walk in the park, in all honesty. Once they sink their teeth into something, they invariably become pretty invested! If you’re hoping to help your child find their particular ‘thing,’ then you might want to take a look at the following points: 

Don’t Force Anything
Let them choose what they want. If they’re unsure about a particular hobby or subject, then let them decide for themselves. As a parent, you’re obviously going to want them to have a particular love, and have something that will send them in a particular direction in life, but let it happen organically. So many kids are thrown into a particular ‘thing,’ and they spend years not enjoying it. Don’t be THAT parent.  

Provide Opportunities For Them
If your child talks to you about something that they think they might enjoy, you should probably help to pave the way for them. If you have huge doubts, then discuss it with your partner, a friend, or even with them. Don’t simply decline for the sake of it. If they would like, say, swimming lessons, then you should look around your local area and see what’s available. A lot of parents come up with excuses and just don’t bother. Again, don’t be like that.  

Be Positive Regarding Their Choices
Your kid(s) will bounce off your reaction. If you respond negatively to their suggestion, then they’ll feel a little silly for suggesting it. In truth, there’s no real wrong on answer on their part, and you should support whatever they want to do. If they have a positive parent behind them, then they’re going to be more confident in their approach towards things. 

Don’t Make Them Live Your Life 
A lot of people tend to live vicariously through their kids. They make their children do what they want because they never got to experience them when they were that age. Don’t do that. They’re their own person – let them live their own life. 

*Disclosure - this is a collaborative post*

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