Friday 5 July 2019

Malaysian Maze: Exploring The Cheras 9 Miles

Malaysia has one of the strangest borders in the world. It's a two part country one could say, as it's split right down the middle by the Gulf of Thailand and the Java Sea. it's quite clearly a semi-tropical nation, with plenty of turquoise blue waters, bright green and lush vegetation but also, dark streams and rivers to along with it. It's also a very mountainous nation, with plenty of roads that are carved on the sides of hills, rock faces and cliffs. It's an incredibly hot nation as well with the average temperature all year round being 28 Celcius. However because it's a somewhat tropical climate, you also get a monsoon season which brings tons and tons of rainwater down over the beautiful landscape. There are plenty of areas to explore in the nation because mostly, it's just the countryside. There are a few major areas of human habitation, one of them being the capital Kuala Lumpur obviously. However for those that would rather not be caught in the commotion and hustle of the city centre, there’s always the Cheras 9 Miles.

First stop for food
When you come to Cheras 9 Miles, you will notice that this is a place designed for those that want to work and explore the city, but not live inside it. There’s a lot more open space in the streets, less traffic and room to walk freely. However, you’ll also find that there are a number of residential neighbourhoods that are very close together. This allows for multiple restaurants to set up shop and be within earshot of a good source of well-paying customers. Inevitably this means more great food for us! 

Check out D’Pallet where they serve Malaysian comfort food. The red spicy beef curry and a bowl of fresh white rice is a great choice for the hungry and weary traveller. Noodles in chicken or fish broth, together with boiled eggs, fresh thick cut red chilli and green onion is also a favourite of locals. You will also want to try the lightly fried crab smothered in a sticky red sauce of peppers and spices if you love seafood. This is one of the first stops you should make when you come to Cheras 9 Miles. There are plenty of other restaurants all around this great area, that sits just outside the capital.

A cosy place to lay
Malaysia is just like any of the other East Asian countries in that it offers apartments and homes to rent for the travellers and holidaymakers. Hotels are a plenty in and around Kuala Lumpur but for those that really want to take control of their own adventures, a 3 bedroom house for rent is the better option. Take for example the options in Casa Green located right in the heart of Cheras 9 Miles. There’s full air conditioning around the house, you have a water heater so you can shower at any time of the day or night when you’re done exploring. You can cook your own meals using the cooker and hob. You can end the night by looking at the night sky on your very own balcony as well. Overall it's around 1,700 square-feet. It's partially furnished and also has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms altogether. A brilliant place to rest your tired soul after travelling around the city.

Into the jungle
As mentioned before, Malaysia is pretty much mostly countryside. However it's also semi-tropical, so there is a vast area of the country that is jungle. You can explore the jungle with specialist guides. You’ll first meet in Brickfields where you will be introduced to your guide, then you’ll hop on a private coach to the outskirts of the city. Travelling deeper into the countryside, you’ll be stopping and then carry on by foot or car. Once arrived, you can take the time to strip down and swim in the jungle waters by the waterfalls. The streams are full of clear water and the jungle canopy protects you from the hot sun. It's a once in a lifetime experience that you should take while in Malaysia.

Cheras 9 Miles is a place outside the capital of Kuala Lumpur. It's a residential neighbourhood that is very laid back, has many great restaurants and a great nightlife. However you can also find very cheap houses to rent for your trip, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Take the time to appreciate the countryside as well as Cheras is actually further southeast and next to many large areas of jungle. 

*Disclosure - this is a collaborative post*

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