Monday 21 January 2019

How to Turn a Simple Gift into Something Spectacular

If you’re keen on giving gifts to your friends and family members then you’ve probably heard of the saying “it’s the thought that counts”. However, most people will completely misinterpret this old piece of advice and often ignore it. But in this article, we’re going to revive that old saying by showing you how you can take a very simple gift, homemade or not, and turn it into a spectacular gift experience by ensuring that delivery is absolutely perfect.

Quality matters when it’s a simple gift
If you want to gift something simple then the quality is going to matter a lot. For instance, if you’re baking something simple like cookies or brownies as a small gift, then you want to use the best ingredients possible. The fact is that simple baked goods are fast and easy to make because they only contain a few ingredients and the process is simple. So in order to make it stand out, you shouldn’t just dress it in lots of toppings and extras to hide the gift, but instead, you should use high-quality ingredients and take extra care when making it. This will make it taste much better and the results will show that you put in the effort.

If it’s something inedible like a bouquet of flowers, then you want the very best collections that are unique to the season. To make this simpler, you can check this guide here for special dates that are perfect for high-quality flowers that make unique gifts. In short, you should always look at the quality of your gift and take extra care to ensure it’s perfect if it’s something simple.

Make the delivery perfect
Buying your recipient a gift online and asking the store to present it in a gift wrap is far less exciting than doing it yourself and delivering it in person. The delivery of your gift is going to make a huge different to how special it is, so here are a few key rules to follow:
- Always add a handwritten message to your gifts to your recipients.
- If there’s space, add the written message to a greeting card, preferably one that you made yourself, to keep as a memento.
- Deliver it in person if possible and always try to do it on the date of the occasion.
- Gift wrap the present to make it more presentable, even if you’re not good at doing it.
- Give the recipient a little gift speech, such as telling them how much they’ve helped you or how much they mean to you.
- Don’t make a big deal out of it, such as leaving them hints or building up their curiosity because you could accidentally raise their expectations and ultimately fail to impress them.
- Try not to gift something then walk away or leave. Instead, make your time part of the gift and spend a little while with your recipient.

With these tips, you should find it much easier to deliver the perfect gift to your recipient no matter how simple it may seem on the inside. Remember that gifting is about more than just the item you’re giving; it’s about the entire experience as a whole.

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