Tuesday 5 June 2018

Surrogacy Pregnancy | First Trimester

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can finally start talking about the first trimester of my surrogacy pregnancy.
At this moment I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and, so far, my second trimester has been fairly smooth sailing compared to my first trimester which was the complete opposite.
You can read about the main issues surrounding the first trimester on my previous surrogacy update post if you want to as it is fairly long and I don't wish to repeat myself on this post.
I will be honest in saying that this time round, the first trimester was a lot harder than I ever anticipated; mainly due to having to juggle looking after a baby and a toddler. I don't know why I ever thought looking after Aoife whilst I was pregnant with Florrie was hard - this is on another level.

- Nausea/Sickness: I never had this with my first pregnancy - I'm not too sure why but it seems every pregnancy after my first has been rocked by constant nausea and sickness. Not fun when you have to look after two young children either, especially when it has not been limited to just the mornings.

- Food Aversions: If you know me in real life, then you will know that cheese is my life. Both with Florrie's pregnancy and this pregnancy I have barely been able to touch it for at least the first four months.  Slowly I have been getting back to it but nowhere near how much I used to eat which is actually probably a good thing!

- Tiredness: Still not sure if this is linked to having a baby who doesn't sleep or the pregnancy, but a combination of the two wasn't the best of things! Thankfully, Florrie has started to sleep more in her cot; we are still waiting for a full night but even a few hours at the moment helps me get some rest.

- Dizziness: I have always seemed to suffer with either low iron or low blood pressure in pregnancy, which usually ends up in me feeling a bit "off" or dizzy. This has passed but it was a nightmare for a few weeks, especially with the heat we have been having in the UK.

- An Early Bump: I barely had a bump until I was around 20 weeks with my first pregnancy and was still tiny by the time I gave birth. I was much bigger with my second daughter but still didn't start to show as quite as early as I have this time. It has meant that I have had to try and conceal it with baggy tops and dresses for a while now. I am wondering if it is muscle memory as my youngest is only nine months old - I am praying that there isn't a huge baby cooking away in there!

- Skin Breakouts: My skin has never been fully clear, but during the first trimester I always end up with horrific breakouts and this was no different. Luckily it has started to clear up now that the second trimester has hit and I am able to go out and about without makeup again.

Whilst I don't wish to come across as all doom and gloom considering the circumstances of this pregnancy, the first trimester is never the most glamorous or easiest. I am still very grateful to be on this journey and am hoping that everything stays smooth sailing from now on.

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