Friday 9 March 2018

Bednest Review

When I found out that I was expecting baby number two, I made it clear that I was hoping for a girl so that I could save a fortune on clothes. The main things that we knew we would have to fork out for were a car seat, a pram, a cot, and a crib.

A crib is always the main thing I begrudge buying; they are used for the least amount of time (six months average) and storing them is a pain - selling them can take ages too.
When Bednest contacted me I was really intrigued. The Bednest is a pretty versatile crib; it has two opening sides which makes things a lot easier when it is used bedside, seventy different height settings, along with a tilted stand which may help those little bundles suffering with reflux.
The best part is that rather than purchasing the Bednest and then worrying about where to store it, you can actually rent it out for a six month period, plus you get free extra time should you need it. It is also a one off payment rather than a monthly direct debit which is handy as we all know that SMP doesn't stretch that far.
When ordering the Bednest, the price includes the following:
- The Bednest
- Mattress
- Stand
- Two straps to attach to the bed
You can pay a bit extra to also include other items, such as sheets and waterproof mattress covers.
The mattress and fabric sides that are supplied are always brand new each time and do not need to be returned with the rest of the Bednest.
The design of the Bednest means that it can be used in many different ways; as a bedside sleeper, a free standing crib, as a bassinet for around your home, and as a travel crib. We actually decided to use it as a free standing crib as this is what we were both familiar with when Aoife was younger.
When we received the Bednest I had my husband set it up as I wanted to ensure that it was done correctly. We were provided with a user guide with fool proof assembly instructions and, whilst watching, I was impressed at just how simple it was to put up.
In all honesty, it took Florrie a while to warm up to the Bednest as she is, unlike my first born, a very clingy baby and does not like to be put down. For the first few nights we decided to use it as a bedside sleeper so that we could both sleep safely - I had my arm in the crib with her for the first few nights until she became more settled and we moved it back to being a free standing crib.
Eventually she took to the Bednest and was sleeping soundly in it; I would love to say that she has been sleeping through the night in it but that stage of her life is yet to come!
We have had our Bednest now for just over six months and, truth be told, I will be sad to see it go. I'm not quite ready for Florrie to migrate into her own cot, but needs must - both for her sake and mine.
One of the other advantages of the hire option is that there is no need to traipse to the local Post Office with a baby in tow. When the six months rental period is nearing, you will be contacted via email with a returns slip to print out and the details on the courier to contact to arrange a time suitable for yourself for them to collect it from your home. You do need to ensure that you keep the original box that the Bednest came in to return it though, so please keep that in mind.
Bednest currently have three different packages available for rentals with prices ranging from £75 to £120 which I do think is fairly reasonable for a one off payment to cover six months.
We have loved our Bednest and I would highly recommend checking them out too!

*Disclaimer* I received the Bednest in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi can you tell me where you got the floral sheets for the bednest. Thanks