Tuesday 1 August 2017

You're Going To Be A Big Sister!

I'm sat here writing this as you sleep next to me; I would like to say peacefully but that would be a lie. Even when you are sleeping, you still create so much noise with your snoring, grunting and thrashing around - I've ended up with quite a few bruises from you kicking out in your sleep over the last couple of years.
Since 2015 you have been my shadow; my own little stalker (a non sinister one at that). I am with you every day of the week and learn something new about you all the time. Your wicked, belly rumbling, old man laugh will never get old and you have definitely adopted your eye roll from the Griffiths gene pool.
Even though you have your moments; you refuse to eat, will only sleep in with me, or scream until you are red in the face, I still couldn't be more proud of you than what I am. There are days where I have to count to ten after you have meltdown after meltdown, where I'm close to breaking down into tears and wonder when all of this will end? But deep down I know that this period will not last forever and I will soon miss it.
Over the last few months, there have been days where I have thought "have I made the right choice?", "how on earth will I ever cope with two children?"; however my concerns are now about you, my current only child. How will you cope? You already know that something is changing and you have become exceptionally clingy - you now hold onto my legs and break down when I leave you at nursery. I have to stop myself from scooping you into my arms and taking you home, but I know that doing so will not solve anything.
When you first knew there was a baby in mummy's tummy you would give my bump a kiss and stroke it gently. As my bump has grown, so has your rebellious streak and you now like to jump on my bump or smack it hard. It is as though you know that that little baby will soon be making an appearance any day now and you will have to share my attention; something you have never had to do before.
Over the last nine months you have learnt so many things and grown so much; you are obsessed with your colours and can now count to ten. You've become obsessed with Ben and Holly (thank God that Peppa Pig has gone!) and have actually grown enough hair so that I can do something with it! You've enjoyed numerous day trips and holidays; Folly Farm, Tenby and Bluestone to name a few. Every day you have done something to make me laugh that little bit harder than what I did the day before.
Yet, during these nine months your life has slowly been changing as I prepare for your little sister to become a part of your life. Our soft play trips have become less frequent as I can't chase after you are quickly anymore and the visits to the park are always cut short. I promise that it will not always be like this; in a few months we will be back to normal but with a new addition in tow.
I really do hope that you do not end up hating me for all of the upheaval that is yet to come; eventually it will all be worth it, I promise. You will both be as thick as thieves and will no doubt be torturing us and poor Truffle.
Your whole little world is about to change and a new kind of normal is on it's way. But always remember that you will always be my baby girl, my first born, and you were the first to call me Mummy.
Mummy Times Two


  1. Congrats !!! It's going to be amazing. #postsfromtheheart

  2. I remember thinking these things when I was expecting number two - we now have three! #postsfromtheheart

  3. I remember thinking these things when I was expecting number two - we now have three! #postsfromtheheart