Sunday 11 February 2018

Guest Post - Preemie Mums, You are Strong!

Today I have a guest post from Natasha - she is a 24 year old Mum Blogger from London. Check out her blog for information on fun things to do with your kids in and around London. Her links can be found at the end of this post.
When I first found out I was having a child, never in my life did I think she would be born early! 

Here's a quick version of my story. I woke up around 1am on the 8th Nov 2015 thinking I had wet myself - nope it was my waters. I was 33 weeks and due on Christmas Day. I was super shocked! I was terrified if I'm honest. I actually thought this was the beginning of the end. I went to the hospital and they confirmed what I already knew. Silly me, like in the movies I thought I would go into labour straight away. Nope. My little girl showed no sign of coming. After 3 days they sent me home. I was given antibiotics (in case of an infection)and told to come in every 3 days to check on the baby. I was even told to check my pads to see if there was a possibility baby had pooped. It was A LOT to deal with.  All was fine though thank God. After 2 weeks they decided to induce me and 11 hours later I had my little 5lbs baby on the 22nd November and she was completely healthy. Tiny but healthy. She didn't need any extra help at all. I honestly thought I would be spending weeks in hospital but we were out after 5 days. I'm very thankful for this.

Not every mother of a premature baby has my experience though. Some have their babies way earlier than I had mine. Some are in hospital for weeks, months! Some do not get to bring their little ones home. It's a scary thought but it happens. It can be such a worrying time. There's constant self doubt and I don't know about any other premie mum but I was always trying to figure out what I did wrong to make her come early. "Did I eat the wrong foods?" Did I exercise too much?" ( I was still at the gym 8 months pregnant) "Did I not take care of myself as well as I should have?". Sometimes these things just happen and there just isn't an explanation.

Even after they are born there are challenges ahead. I noticed my little girl took a little longer to do things like sitting up, crawling, walking etc. I say that in comparison to her friends that were born on time and are the same age. I use to worry myself sick thinking there was some sort of permanent damage that was missed but she soon caught up with her peers. I was honestly worried over nothing and as most people say, kids will do things in their own time. You can't rush them, you can only encourage them. 

All mothers are strong but it takes a certain type of strength and determination to be a mother of a preemie and I applaud any mother that's been through it.

Natasha blogs over at Kiddo Adventures and can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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