Thursday 23 November 2017

Xmas Gift Guide for Children - 0 to 5

I always find children hard to buy for, especially younger ones who aren't too sure on what they want. Also, you never know what they already have which makes things even more harder! I've narrowed down a few gift ideas for children aged zero to five to help you out this Christmas.

This first gift is perfect for your little ones if they are restless before bedtime or struggle to drift off to sleep. The Children's Meditations In My Heart* by Gitte Winter Graugaard is a beautiful collection of meditations to help little ones drift off to the land of nod in minutes. Originally released in Denmark, it has now been translated into English for us to enjoy! You can find it on Amazon if you fancy a hardback copy or a Kindle edition, or for PDF you can download it from Room for Reflection. (RRP £4.97 - £14.95)
This CAT Buildin' Crew* remote control E-Z Machines toy from Toy State is Aoife's personal favourite - she is currently obsessed with diggers and tractors, so what is better than her own remote controlled one?
A lot of remote controlled toys are quite complicated to use and manoeuvre, but i was pleasantly surprised with this; just one simple button which makes it perfect for preschoolers. There are also two options for you to choose from, Haulin' Harry or Rugged Randy. (RRP £16.99)
I'm sure that quite a lot of children enjoy pizza and chocolate, so why not combine both? This Gourmet Chocolate Pizza* from Find Me A Gift is perfect for any chocolate loving little one! With the kit you are provided with everything you need to create your own chocolate pizza; a 7inch pizza mould, chocolate buttons, jelly beans, chocolate curls, and rainbow drops! If your little ones are anything like mine, they won't be able to finish making it as they would have devoured it too fast! (RRP £11.99)
These two gifts are aimed more towards the younger children and are perfect for stocking fillers! This Rainbow Sort and Stacker from Morrisons is perfect for a younger baby who is just starting out with toys - I'm a sucker for anything wooden! (RRP £5)
Next up is this gorgeous Personalised Tigger* from Find Me A Gift which I am in love with! You can have your little one's name or a loving message added to the tag around Tigger's neck. Personally, I think this is fantastic if you have trouble finding personalised items with your children's names; something that I have experience of! (RRP £23.99)

*Disclaimer* All items marked with an * were sent to me in exchange for a feature in this Gift Guide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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