Saturday 13 May 2017

Bluestone Day Two: Blue Lagoon, Park Life and Ducklings

'If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere' 
 Vincent Van Gough
When we woke on Tuesday morning, we were met with glorious sunshine which seemed to stay with us all week!
After we had our breakfast in the lodge, we made our way to the car park to set off to the nearest supermarket to do a food shop - there was a small store in The Village to pick up the majority of things, however I always find a supermarket run to be cheaper.
Once we got back we headed straight to the Blue Lagoon Waterpark; I didn't take any photos whilst in there, but Aoife absolutely loved it! She has always been a water baby and I genuinely think her best bits were the Lazy River, which takes you outside, and the wave machine!
Blue Lagoon really did have a bit of everything; a baby and toddler area which is completely separated from the main pool. The baby and toddler pool is kept to approximately 31 degrees so it's nice and toasty for your little ones and is separated by a gate so they can't make a quick escape to the big kids pool! 
The main area of Blue Lagoon is their wave pool with a beach entry; it has six different wave settings along with water cannons. Aoife screamed with delight when these went off! Also, with the glass ceiling it can feel as though you are on a real beach when the weather is just right.
Blue Lagoon also has four flume slides to take your pick from; one open flume, two enclosed flumes and one flume that is entirely inside the lagoon. We didn't get a chance to try these out, but definitely will next time!
You also don't need to be staying at Bluestone to make use of Blue Lagoon as it's open to the public; I actually went last year but Aoife was too young to fully enjoy it then.
For a bit more information on Blue Lagoon, check out their website here.
After Blue Lagoon we had built up quite an appetite so headed back to the lodge to make some sandwiches and chill out for a bit before heading to the park to tire Aoife out. We ended up in the new Village Play Area which was fantastic! We found out that the play area has been made of recycled materials and helps encourage physical exercise; something of which I am all for!
Unfortunately the Treetots Play Park wasn't open as it was undergoing refurbishments; however considering it had been half term a few weeks before it probably was the best time to get it all done. I'm hoping that it will be open next time we go as I know Aoife would be obsessed with it!
It took us a long time to convince her to leave the park to go back to the lodge for her tea; she was obsessed with the slide and as I'm pregnant, her Auntie got the pleasure of lifting her up each time to go down it!
After a tea of pizza back at the lodge, we decided to try and wear Aoife out even more by taking a walk around the lake; unfortunately it seemed to have the opposite effect and the fresh air woke her right up.
Half way round the lake we spotted a duck sound asleep, or so we thought, pretty much right next to the footpath. As we got closer, we saw that she was actually sat on top of approximately eight to ten ducklings! It was the most amazing thing I have seen and definitely a highlight of my week; she allowed us to get up close with her to take some gorgeous photos.
This pretty much ended our second day at Bluestone and we still had so much more to explore!
Keep your eyes peeled for what we got up to on Day Three!

*Disclaimer* I was provided with a midweek break which included accommodation and Premium WiFi by Bluestone Resort in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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