Thursday 17 March 2016

Every Movement Matters

The first time I felt some sort of movement during my pregnancy was the day after my 12 week scan (turns out I was actually 14 weeks along). I was at a spa day about to have a massage when I felt what I can only describe as popping in my stomach. 

Initially I panicked thinking it was wind - nope just baby!

When I was 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant I felt my first proper kick from the outside, but had been feeling movements for a while.

Just before Christmas 2014 when I was around 25 weeks pregnant, there was a day where I hadn't felt any movements all day. I took myself to my local maternity unit and they checked me over. It turned out that baby was fine, however my blood pressure and heart rate has started to rise. This then caused my babies heart rate to fluctuate. I was kept on the ward for a while - once everything had stabilised I was sent home.

After that I didn't have any problems with her movements until I was 37 weeks pregnant. I had been ill with a horrific cough and had been up most of the night being sick so hadn't noticed that her movements had stopped until lunchtime that day. 
Initially I did think "she's bigger now, she has less room" as this is what so many women are told. However I went with my gut and called my midwife who wanted me in the ward as soon as possible. I was hooked up to a monitor and of course she started kicking there and then. However as it was my second time of reduced movements I was sent for an unltrasound which confirmed all was okay.
I have heard from so many people that baby will move less towards the end of the pregnancy as they "run out of room" or that "the baby is getting tired"

This is wrong. Your baby should keep a similar movement pattern right up to the end.

You should always get checked for any change in movements - a decrease or an increase. A lot of women feel that they are wasting their midwifes time - please don't. They are there to help in this situation and your baby comes first.

Here are a few tips on your baby's movements:

When will I feel baby move?
Usually between 16 to 24 weeks - however each pregnancy is different. Movements are not limited to kicks, this includes flutters and rolls.

How often will baby move?
Again this differs per pregnancy. Movements usually occur between 16 and 24 weeks and will gradually increase up until 32 weeks where they should then roughly stay the same.

How many movements?
There is no set number of movements as all babies are different. Any change should be reported to your midwife. 'Count to Ten' is no longer used.

Why are movements important?
Any change in movements could be a sign that the baby is in distress.

What to do if movements change/stop?
Contact your midwife or maternity ward immediately - these units are staffed 24/7 so there will always be someone available. Do not use home dopplers or apps to check the heartbeat. If you are checked over and still not happy, go back to the ward.

But I have an anterior placenta?
This is what I had - I was never told about it and only found out by checking my notes. This is when your placenta is at the front of the womb which can make movements harder to feel. However this will not be a reason for reduced movements.

For any further advice, you can speak to your midwife our check out:


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