Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Body Image

It seems that we can no longer escape the pressures that society place upon us. More and more people are resorting to extreme dieting and plastic surgery seems to have become the norm.

If we rewind a few years ago, people would be surprised or shocked to hear that someone had resorted to plastic surgery, but now it seems that everyone encourages each other to go for it. Even more so when plastic surgery clinics offer discounts or vouchers for referrals.

I can't lie; I have had plastic surgery and would do it again if I could. It gave me a new found sense of confidence that I had never experienced before. But I did it for myself, not for anyone else.

I also dabbled in fad dieting - the soup diet, Herbalife and more. You name it I have probably tried it and the results from some were great, but they never lasted.

It's shocking to hear that there are over 700,000 people in the United Kingdom who suffer from an eating disorder of some sort, the majority of which more than likely have yet to seek help.

What shocks me even more is that it is now becoming more common for children as young as six to be treated for this.

Children that age should be out playing with their friends, climbing trees and riding bikes - not be tube fed in a hospital.

I'll be lying if I said any of my fad dieting didn't get out of hand, as at a couple of points it did. 

When I was fifteen I went through a horrific calorie counting phase, which resulted in me living off water, a can of diet coke and half a tin of tomato soup a day. This also resulted in my weight dropping to six stone and collapsing became a regular occurrence.

To this day I still don't understand how I managed to get back to a healthy weight but I did. A few years later I soon started restricting my intake again due to stress of an unhealthy relationship. I didn't get quite down to weight I had been before but I wasn't too far off.
I'll be honest in saying my weight will always be a deep rooted issue for me. I may not act upon it now, but it will always niggle away at me.

After over ten years of yo yo dieting, I'm finally trying to come to terms with myself and whilst I may not be happy with it, I have to acknowledge that my body grew a human and for that in itself I will forever be grateful.


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